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Emerging Market Analysis.com
Emerging Market Analysis.com

Research On Demand 
  FinGlobe's Research On Demand provides you with our experienced team of financial researchers.  We offer flexible research products to get just the information you need. 
  Available Content
  Our Available Content plans offers you all of our acquired financial data.  Find the information you need in our easy to search index.
In order to bring you the best research possible in Pakistan, we actively follow and scour many data source including the following: - We track stock indexes and mutual funds world wide - New patent listings from Pakistani companies - New conference calls as they happen, and archived conference calls on company websites - All manor of financial reports; annual, interim, quarterly, investor presentations and prospectus - IPO Announcements - Press coverage only from independent news sources for a balanced view - Industry awards and rankings lists to find the best companies as determined by third parties Not only do we use diverse methods to collect information we also bring the information to you in new and valuable ways - A comprehensive company profile based on all available data - Creation of Industry Standard XBRL documents for company financials
Basic Products
Any Available Pakistani Annual Report $5
Any Available Pakistani Interim Report 2
Detailed Company Profile 30
Strategic Attribute Rankings
Largest 50 Foreign Mutual Fund-Owned 30
Leading 50 Government owned & listed 30
Most widely owned 50 30
Leading 50 included in international Equity Indexes  30
Leading 50 internationally inclined Pakistani companies 30
Leading 50 with major capital expenditures growth  30
Financial Performance Indicator Rankings  
Best Performing 50 companies  30
High Dividend Paying 50 30
Long term Out performers 50  30
Most Efficient 50  30
Most Profitable 50  30
Supergrowh 50  30
Business Size Group Rankings  
Top Industrials 50 30
Smaller Industrials 50 30
Service Industries 50 30
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FinGlobe Advantage
- 24/7 service - Weekend Research - All Standard   Formats - Fixed Quoted Prices - competitive cost
- most overall coverage - global access
- independent - confidential
  Custom Content
The Research Consulting plans give you a much more in depth research.  Give us any financial research project, and within 24 hours a member of our research team will give you a free quote on the price and length of your project.

If you need more in depth research then our available content provides, our Research Consulting is the way to go.  Send our research team an email detailing your project.  Within 48 hours, you will receive a free quote detailing the price, timeline, and an overview of how we plan on completing your project.  Once we complete your project, it will be made available to you in the format of your choice.

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